Walkden and Little Hulton's
3rd Annual

Tea With Santa

How does the Event work?

Tea with Santa will be held across 4 days, the final Saturday (26th) and Sunday (27th) in November and the first Saturday (3rd) and Sunday (4th) in December. You can book now, here.

Here you can find out about the Tea with Santa experience!! From booking, all the way to what to expect on the day!

The Booking Process

○ Each day only has 30 slots for children, so we advise that you book as soon as possible

○ During the booking process you will be asked to select one of 4 meal options for your child

○ Hot Dog Meal

○ Chicken Nugget Meal

○ Pizza Meal

○ Vegan Meal

○ Every meal inlcludes unlimited drinks, salad, crisps and dessert!

○ Optionally, you can book adult meals for £3 each, which includes either a ham, chicken, or cheese sandwich, as well as crisps, salad and cake. You can choose your specific sandwich, and pay on the day, via cash or card!

○ If you want to make us aware of any special dietary needs, please contact us!

○ You will be asked to give the names for each of your children, this is so that we can personalise their gifts

○ Finally, you will be asked to state how many adults, who are not having a meal, and children below 1 will be accompanying your child. People in this range, do not need to buy a ticket, and have free entrance.

If you need to ammend your booking, for whatever reason, please contact us!

On the Day

○ Sign-in begins and doors open for the event at 3:50 pm, on each day.

○ Entertainment will start from 4 PM and will include magic, singing, dancing, games and more!

○ Shortly after the show starts, Santa will arrive at the Community Centre, get ready to give him a warm welcome!

○ Throughout the entertainment, children are invited to go (accompanied with a parent or gaurdian) to Santa's grotto, to recive a personalised gift! If you wish to take your picture with Santa, you are free to do so.

○ Once the show is over, its time to eat, Santa and his helpers will join the children in eating tea! Cups of tea and coffee are offered to accompanying adults at no charge (irrespective of whether they bought an adult meal), but during busy times this service may need to be temporarily put on hold.

○ Once Tea is over, it's time to go home. Santa has lots of other boys and girls to visit too!

If you have any questions regarding our event schedule, please do not hesitate to contact us!